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Activate. Ignite. Inspire.
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My goal in all of this is to activate the artist in you, ignite some friendships by sending them a simple card (the good old fashioned way), inspire you to get out your glue guns and construction paper and make a craft one saturday afternoon and finally, to spark your relationship with God in new ways - one verse at a time.
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I offer designs from cards to posters, bookmarks to invitations and much more. Click on the links below to visit my shops and my blog. Please contact me for custom orders.
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How This All Began
This whole journey began when my friend Lyndsey and I decided to read the bible in a year. We printed out the schedule and began, but I soon got sick of carrying around 3 sheets of paper with the daily readings on them. Don't you like it when things are all put away and there aren't random sheets of paper flying all over the place?! Ok, I may be exaggerating, but this is how I got the idea to do bookmarks. Each bookmark consisted of two weeks worth of reading with a blank backing to jot down some verses to remember. This allowed us to keep our spot in the bible, but also to have a small schedule instead of a large one. After this, I wanted to start designing everything!